Many of our CIP online workshops are being recorded and shared with the Kenyon community. We always make a point of announcing that we’re recording, and we’ve started announcing that we’ll hold time after we stop recording, so that anyone who wants to ask a question but not be recorded can be comfortable.

I think this is an important practice, particularly because we see a lot of attendees who are reluctant to show what they don’t know. (Maybe you see that in your classes too.) I think letting those folks know that there’s a space where they won’t be recorded can help them feel more secure. We used to see this a lot in our face-to-face workshops; people would hang around to ask questions after the room had cleared out. In a way, this is the digital extension of those conversations we had after class.

That said, it comes at a cost. I think some people are hearing this as “please hold your questions till the end”, which isn’t the intention. It also means that we’re missing some really good discussion in some of our videos. So I’m still tweaking how I want to frame this, but I think it’s the right thing to do.

(Credit to Maha Bali, who demonstrated this technique during our summer run of DigPINS.)