Kenyon’s faculty have done heroic work to teach in 2020, whether fully remote, socially-distanced on campus, or in hybrid environments.

What’s working?

What’s succeeding in making relationships with students, in communicating disciplinary material, in helping students hone their skills, in making the logistics just a little bit easier?

This site is a place to collect and share those techniques.

Whether it’s a major course redesign or a little hack anyone could Google, there was a time when you didn’t know about it, and you didn’t know if it would help. That means someone else might benefit from it too.

How do I contribute?

If something’s working for you, head over to our Share Something! form. Tell us all about it. You can sign your posts or write anonymously; you can use links or images or embed media to help explain. You can even submit a draft post and ask your friendly neighborhood CIP staff for assistance.

What’s already here?

Well, there are posts about

and some of the most recent tips are